Soft Lenses

    Wearing soft contact lenses today is more comfortable and healthy than ever before.  They were initially made in a ‘Hydrogel’ material, which is still frequently used today for some situations.  As good as they may have been, they are now made in a ‘Silicone Hydrogel’ material which is much more breathable, more comfortable in most cases, and generally safer and healthier for your eyes.

     SPHERICAL - According to the brand and type of lens, they are all disposable and made to be replaced every day, 2 weeks, or monthly.  Some of these lenses are even FDA approved for overnight extended wear.  (Click here to see common soft lens options)

- If you have an Astigmatism…no worries; there are several soft ‘toric’ contact lenses that are made to correct your vision!  Historically, if you had an Astigmatism, soft lenses were not an option for you, and you were left with the option of either glasses or hard lenses.  Fortunately, with the ever advancing technologies, soft ‘toric’ contact lenses are a fantastic and comfortable option to correct your eyesight.  (Click here to see common soft ‘toric’ lens options)

- Do you want to change your eye color?  Great!  There are a wide array of color options available.  These lenses can be a fun way to switch things up in your every day monotonous routine.  (Click here to see common soft colored lens options)

- Are you over 40 and having a hard time reading?  No problem… Soft ‘Multi-focal’ lenses might be the answer.  A ‘Mono-vision’ set-up might be even better.  (Click here to see the Mono-vision / Multi-focals page for more information)

    Remember, contact lenses are a “medical device” and should be worn appropriately.  The FDA has mandated annual eye examinations for anyone wearing contact lenses before that person can order a new supply.  Be sure to fully comply with your optometrist’s instructions on how to wear and take care of your lenses.  Failing to do so may result in ocular health complications and/or permanent vision loss.  (Click here for a list of instructions that will help you keep your eyes healthy and provide you with a positive contact lens experience)