Soft Contact Lenses (Toric/Astigmatism)

    Patients with an ‘Astigmatism’ have reason to rejoice!  You no longer have to suffer with wearing the ‘hard’ or ‘gas permeable’ lenses anymore.  There are many options for moderate amounts of astigmatism.  For higher prescriptions, there are still a few options, but they are limited and are often more expensive….a price well worth it to most patients.
    In most cases, patients with an ‘Astigmatism’ can comfortably wear these toric lenses and see very clearly.  In some cases however, the toricity of the cornea may keep the lens from fitting stably on the eye, and could result in poor or fluctuating vision.  The only way to know if you will be successful in wearing these wonderful lenses is to come in and try them out!  All you rigid gas permeable (RGP) wearers…don’t be deterred from trying them too.  Though we can’t guarantee success, a lot of patients have transitioned from their RGP’s to Soft Contacts and have enjoyed the new found comfort.  Windy days will no longer keep you a prisoner to indoors!

Not all available lenses are listed, just the most frequently used.

(* = Silicone Hydrogel material)
(** = Daily Disposable)

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