Solutions / Cleaners

    Taking proper care of your contact lenses (hard, RGP, or soft) is absolutely crucial to your ocular health.  It is necessary to disinfect your lenses on a daily basis with the appropriate solutions.  Failing to do so can leave you susceptible to acquiring bacterial infections that can be very painful, and potentially blinding in severe cases.  Since a disinfectant is required, simply using ‘sterile saline’ will not be sufficient.  Saline may be used to rinse off a lens before it is applied to the eye, but cannot be used for storing or cleaning your lenses. 
    Several different brands of multi-purpose solutions are available, and what feels comfortable for one person, might not feel so comfortable to another.  We will give you our recommendation of what will work best for you during your exam.  Listed below are examples of some common solutions used to clean and store contact lenses. 

Soft Lenses (multi-purpose solutions)
Hard/Gas Permeable RGP or Soft Lenses (hydrogen peroxide based)
Hard/Gas Permeable Lenses


Opti-Free GP
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